Dynamic Segmentation

Segment your customers based on their behavior, purchases, and personal data using an unlimited number of parameters and events.
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Fine and Felxible Settings
Segment customers by behavior, events, context, purchase history, RFM, or loyalty level. Define and group them based on typical characteristics, visit time data, traffic sources, or custom events that matter for your business.
Compare segments, analyze the findings, get insights, and use them to adjust your communication strategy. Use right tools for each user group and work with every segment individually to increase conversion and your audience loyalty.
Data-driven Analytics
You can export any segments and visitor data or use API to transfer it to any external system. All data is updated in real time allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse and manage your audience, and not just review the statistics.
Dynamic Lists
⏱ Use website events (triggers)
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Dynamic segments are updated in real time
  • Bought goods before
  • Bought categories
  • Received an email
  • Followed a link
  • Saw a widget (pop-up)
  • Bought from email
Get the best results by tracking each client’s performance.
Results Segmentation
  • Number of orders
  • Number of purchases
  • Goods in cart
  • Cart totalling
  • Subscribed on emails
  • Loves doggos ????
Group data based on any characteristics and visitor conditions.
Charachteristics Segmentation
Using behavioral and transactional data for more accurate targeting.
  • Abandoned cart
  • Made an order
  • Visited page
  • Added to cart
  • Opened an email
  • Redirected from recommened
Behavior Segmentation
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