Turnkey Email Marketing

This guide will help your online store build customer loyalty and increase repeat sales. It’s a go-to book for systematically improving your key business metrics.
Conducting an email marketing audit
We will study your current campaigns, statistics, and userbase to find growth points.
Working out CRM-strategy
We will design email marketing scripts and content plan based on your audience and business goals.
Drawing, writing, and composing
We will provide you with design, sales texts, and compose email templates.
Setting up and launching
We will segment the audience, set up triggers, and automate email campaigns.
Analyzing and improving
We will monitor delivery, reputation and conversion, generate ideas, and improve efficiency.
Increase your email sales!
Additional orders from trigger campaigns, repeat sales, and increased customer loyalty.
How much does it cost?
for newly launched online stores
  • Express email marketing audit
  • ESP-platform setup
  • Design master email template
  • Basic behavioral segmentation
  • Up to 5 trigger scripts
  • 1 newsletter campaign per month
  • Hypotheses and script optimization
  • Key metrics report
* 3-month payment in advance
Discuss a project
for those who need everything
  • Complex email marketing audit
  • ESP-platform configuration and signatures
  • Email campaigns’ content calendar creation
  • Custom design and layout
  • Up to 10 trigger scripts
  • Up to 4 signature campaigns per month
  • Hypotheses, A/B tests, and optimization
  • Key metrics report
  • Email marketing expert consultations
Discuss a project
The time it takes
1 week
The audit is ready and the scripts are being worked on
2 weeks
The first email campaigns are launched
1 month
All the basic scripts are running
On average, our customers get
Current revenue
Average cheque
Repeat sales
Abandoned carts
Customer reviews
These guys made our email channel profitable, generating real income. We paid back the cost of the first month within two weeks when we returned our first 14 abandoned carts! The thing is that we didn’t even know how much money we were losing. We were dealing with up to 80% of unfinished orders :( Now this number has decreased drastically.
Artem Ponomaryev
Sells pet food
Let me put it this way: we started communicating with our customers :) I was so surprised when new clients started unexpectedly reaching out to us. At first I thought it was some kind of spam, but it turned out that customers were responding to the automated emails and asking us questions. We began to understand their needs better and adjust our stock accordingly.
Kristina Zaluckaya
Sells apparel for children
For the last six months I have been reading about email marketing. Apparently, it increases retentions and helps return your customers. I even set up Mailchimp myself, but I didn't achieve any decent results, I guess I just didn't have enough skills. GMS showed me how to organize this process and all the benefits. I am very happy with your work and it is clearly beneficial.
Maria Legostaeva
Sells handmade leather goods
First, we bought a do-it-yourself manual and implemented a lot of things it suggested. Of course there is not enough time for everything, but at least we tried. The nudging, motivational widgets ended up running very well. Conversion has definitely increased. The Abandoned cart and Upsell series are the most effective ones. However, we did not succeed in rebuilding the existing base. We keep on trying though.
Aleksander Parsenko
Marketing manager in a jewelry store
No time for customer communications?
Do your thing, drive traffic, and sell, and we will communicate with your customers for you
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