Pre-made Marketing Campaings

A campaign is an auto-funnel of pre-configured segments, widgets, emails, and push notifications. The funnel features a specific segment of your store's visitors and contains only the info that is necessary at this stage of interaction with a specific person.
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Site Conversion
The campaign helps with choosing products, motivates to complete the order, and returns those who stopped viewing the product or category.
The campaing will help increase the average order value and the percentage of completed orders. It will encourage those who abandoned their carts to return to shopping.
Abandoned Carts
Mailing List
The campaign will help you grow your website mailing list, segment, and keep it up to date.
The campaign will increase the average order value through website personalization and product recommendations, and return those who left without buying.
Average Order Value
Repeat Sales
The campaign will remind your customers about the store or inform of final sales. It will also return them to the site at the most convenient time.
The campaign will help build brand loyalty and continually bring customers back.
Brand Loyalty
Cutomer Reviews
Will help you get feedback and understand what went wrong if the customer left or returned the product.
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