Unified Customer Profile (CDP)

Collect customer data, behavior, purchases, and communications in a single profile. Use this data to strengthen your marketing ecosystem.
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Personal Data
Create a unified 360º view customer profile. Combine data received at different points of contact: on the website, in CRM, in loyalty programs, on advertising platforms, and offline. Add an unlimited number of criteria for analysis: sex, age, size, clothing style, marital status, number of children, and more. No restrictions.
Collect customer’s cart information: products, quantitites, current and former status, overall value — all in one window. Our ML model will select recommendations for the next order for each and every client.
Order Information
Study your customerts, their behavior, and preferences, within the accuracy of viewing a product, opening a newsletter, or clicking an email button. Analyze your browsing history and observe targeted actions.
Tracking and Customer Behavior
⏱ Use website events (triggers)
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CPD benefits
Dynamic segments based on behavioral data, purchase history, and customer characteristics. Work with clients differently to achieve better results.
Flexible Segmentation
Bulk, trigger, and scheduled email campaigns. Set up complex scripts or send one-time emails to get quick results.
Various Campaigns
Accurate results on interaction with campaigns, purchase amounts, and refusal reasons. Get real-time idata to make quick decisions.
Advanced Analytics
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