Website Trigger Events

Send well-timed, targeted messages to the right people.
Time on the Website
This trigger lets you run a campaign based on how long the visitor has stayed on your site. You can configure the widget to display immediately or on timer.
Noticed that your customers often only scroll until a certain site section? Use this info to show widgets or offer them something relevant so they keep going.
Page Scroll
Leaving Attempt
Detect when customers attempt to close a page and use your last chance to grab their attention.
Calculate the total cost of items in the cart automatically and customize widget displaying and email campaigns.
Cart Total
Time Before the First Item Is Added to the Cart
Determine how long users browse through your website before adding the first item to the cart. Use this data to encourage them to make a purchase.
Use the autopilot mode to determine how much time a user spends on the website before placing an order and help them decide on a purchase faster.
Time Before Ordering
Order Status Changing
React to order status changes and automatically notify users via email.
See how many days have passed since the last order to ask for feedback or run pre-made reactivation scripts.
Days From the Last Order
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