Expert Email Campaigns

Return your customers to the website, notify them about new arrivals and discounts, and increase your online store’s email revenue.
Terminated Page View
Return the customers that were interested in the products, but left the website. Personalize emails and show your customers they matter to you. Decrease in terminated page views means increase in filled and paid carts.
⭐ Marketing emails
⏰ Scheduled emails
⚡ Trigger emails
Abandoned Cart
Return the customers that have added items to their carts but have not completed the checkout. Encourage them to finish the purchase and reduce the number of abandoned carts in your store.
Thank you for your order!
Personalize your thank you emails to keep the customers engaged, increase loyalty, and sell additional products.
Holidays Emails
Use the holidays to boost your sales. A series of 3 emails before and during the holidays will allow you not to worry about customers getting their goods on time for the holidays.
⚡ Trigger emails
⏰ Scheduled emails
⭐ Marketing emails
Userbase Reactivation
Check in with the customers who have not visited your website for a while. Use reactivation campaigns to keep the relationship going and motivate them to make another purchase.
Analyze shopping carts and purchase history to personalize your newsletters and offer relevant new products to your users.
New Arrivals and Special Offers
⚡ Trigger emails
⏰ Scheduled emails
⭐ Marketing emails
⏱ Use website trigger events to your advantage
Learn more about triggers
Convead email benefits
Dynamic segments based on behavioral data, purchase history, and customer characteristics. Vary your approach to customers to achieve better results.
Flexible Segmentation
Mass, trigger and scheduled mailings. Set up complex scripts or send one-time emails to get fast results.
Various Emails
Accurate data on campaign interactions, purchases, and probable quit reasons. Access real-time analytics to make quick and informed decisions.
Advanced Analytics
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