Our Story

It's great to have you onboard! We are an actively growing and goal-driven team that builds Convead, a service designed to increase online store sales. Our platform is based on automation and optimization. Nevertheless, our team consists of ordinary people who care about their company. We work almost around the clock determined to make the service better, easier, and more convenient for you.
How It Started
How did it all start? We came up with the idea of Convead to make the lives of online store owners easier. In the very beginning, we had our own online store, and at one point we simply could not find a convenient and straightforward tool that would allow us to constantly monitor its agenda. For example, we made a heirmailing list and noticed that 27% of recipients were redirected from their emails to the site. Is this good or bad news? Who knows, maybe all of them left right after opening the first page, or maybe, they did buy something. How can one analyze that?
Here’s another example: from time to time, we do get massive orders. However, we have no idea what people making these orders have in common. How did they end up on our website? What were they looking for before making a purchase? Possibly, we are losing potential clients and do not even know about it.
We’ve tried, probably, all analytics systems out there, but it didn’t really make things easier or more comprehensible. Behind the faceless numbers, we couldn’t see our real users or understand what they were doing on our site.
Then we decided to tailor an online store to fit our needs. For several months we were struggling when integrating with analytics services and tried a bunch of CRM systems. Thousand lines of code later, the work became more complicated, and the amount of analytical data in need of processing somehow increased. The left eye of our CTO began to twitch: something was clearly going wrong. And then we figured, why not build what we need ourselves? And that’s how Convead was born.
How It’s Going
Our friends and us use Convead on a daily basis. People constantly recommend it. Now we are proud and happy to offer you our service. Give it a go, set it up, and try it out. We know you’re going to like it.
Convead is based on three main ideas:
These concepts allow Convead to make your online store management as simple and straightforward as possible. Besides, the time that you normally spend battling with various services and analytical processing systems will be noticeably reduced.
Why did we decide to focus on visitors? They are the ones who bring money to online stores, which means that the number one goal is to understand them and learn how to analyze their behavior. Convead shows all the actions of your visitors in a simple and visual way on the sales funnel. You will be aware of where they came from and where they went, what products and categories they were interested in, what they added to the cart, whether they abandoned it or made a purchase. Moreover, you can segment and track the actions of narrow groups of people, understand their interests, and study the behavior of each specific visitor.
Minimum settings
Focus on visitors
Visual analytics
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We strive to optimize online stores’ operation and make it transparent and simple. This way the owners can think about how to increase sales and profits, rather than how to set goals or calculate the variance in pageview depth.
Alex Cowell, CEO & Founder Convead
We are constantly improving Convead and trying to make the service as useful as possible, while keeping it simple and clear. It's not always easy ???? We are grateful for positive feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions that we receive by mail. Rest assured that every comment you send reaches our team. We personally process every request.
Trying not to clutter Convead with redundant functionality, we’ve only kept the most useful tools that help businesses and solve daily tasks of online stores.
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