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Hey, nice to meet you!

I’m Alex, the CEO & founder of Convead.

Our team has built an automated system for increasing eCommerce sales and helping fellow marketers. We keep working and enhancing it every day, restlessly automating and optimizing everything we get our hands on. Our goal is to make online marketing better and easier for every specialist by providing you with a huge variety of tools that work together to enhance both your experience and efficiency.

We work around the clock to ensure Convead becomes more convenient and helpful to you every single day.

I’m happy to have you with us. Welcome aboard.

Let me show you around!

How It Started
I used to have an online store back in the day. The team was great, the business was booming, and we always had plenty of work. We were smashing it.

And then it was time to scale up.

This is where we encountered a new frustrating problem: we couldn’t find a tool that would suit our business needs. We wanted something convenient and straightforward that would make scaling and managing the growing business easier. We wanted to monitor and cover every aspect of our store constantly, and I wanted to know every tiny detail that could be useful. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t find anything like that. To be honest, that was beyond annoying.
For example, when we put together a mailing list, we noticed that around 27% of the subscribers visited the website after receiving our emails. Was it a good percentage? We thought it was, but then again — what if they then left the store immediately? Or maybe they made some purchases, and we were on to something with that exact email? We didn’t know, and it was blocking us from growing and enhancing our strategy.

And sometimes, we would get some huge orders. This was obviously awesome, but it was useless in the long term: we didn’t have any means to analyze the people that placed those orders. What they had in common, how they learned about us, what activated them to buy from us specifically — all this crucial data was slipping away. I realized just how many clients and opportunities we were missing out on.

We tried any and all the solutions that were present on the market. None of them gave us what we needed: they were overloading my marketers with tons of numbers, and that was it. We couldn’t see the real people behind those numbers, and thus we couldn’t understand them.

But neither I nor my team gives up that easily. So we kept pushing — we hired more programmers, and they were working tirelessly to integrate the store with multiple analytics services, email solutions, and CRM systems. For a bit, it seemed to be working, until it didn’t.

The store kept growing, and this temporary solution was just not good enough. And, on top of that, paying a dozen different services and paying a bunch of programmers to then tie it all together… Let me just say, it was both inconvenient and way too expensive for my liking.

And then I thought: if nobody has created the ultimate solution yet, why wouldn’t I do that?

That’s how Convead was born.

How It’s Going
The story I just told you started in 2014. We’ve been constantly improving and upgrading our product ever since, and after all these years we’re here.

My team and partners use Convead on a daily basis. We have well over 10,000 clients, and they recommend Convead to the people they work with all the time. We’re proud and happy with what we’ve achieved, and we don’t plan on stopping.
We started with what we saw necessary for ourselves, and over the years we kept adding and adjusting everything based on our multiple clients’ feedback and requests. Today, we offer our services to you, and we’re sure you’ll love working with Convead.

There are three key principles of Convead, the three pillars it rests upon — let me quickly tell you about them.

First, we provide visual analytics for everything. We’ve had enough struggles with numbers upon numbers back in the day. For you, we visualize every bit of information, making it as native and intuitive as possible. You can put away your calculator — you won’t need anything but your eyes to understand what’s going on. The numbers are there, too, so don’t worry about that.

Second, we don’t overwhelm you with complex UI and design. For your convenience, we decided to go minimalistic — there’s no abundance of buttons, switches, flashes, and all that stuff. Everything is kept clean and simple, and it’s impossible to get lost in the settings. You’re welcome.

And third, we focus on the people — your visitors, subscribers, and clients. They are the ones bringing you profit, so we made analyzing and understanding them the top priority. You’ll be able to track the behavior, actions, and origins at all times.

Knowing who they are, where they come from, what they’re interested in, and even what they’re doing at each exact moment is going to deepen your understanding of the audience and make your marketing strategy stronger tenfold.

We are constantly improving Convead to make it as useful as possible while keeping it simple and clear. It's not always easy, but we’re good at it. And our clients are a great help — every little piece of feedback means the world to us, and we ensure to read everything you send us.

Frankly, we wouldn’t be where we are now if we didn’t have this attitude. So whatever your thoughts are, feel free to reach out to our team any time — we really appreciate that.

Thank you for your time and interest. I’m delighted to have you here, and I’m sure that you’ll love working with us.

I don’t place buttons personally, but there will be a button here somewhere, I believe. Click it and give Convead a shot — you’ll see why I’m so proud of it.

Alex Cowell
CEO & Founder of Convead

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